Sophia Loren

Frits Thaulow (1847-1906) “Mulino ad acqua” - “Water Mill”, (1892)


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"The little girl’s sense of secrecy that developed at prepuberty only grows in importance. She closes herself up in fierce solitude: she refuses to reveal to those around her the hidden self that she considers to be her real self and that is in fact an imaginary character: she plays at being a dancer like Tolstoy’s Natasha, or a saint like Marie Leneru, or simply the singular wonder that is herself. There is still an enormous difference between this heroine and the objective face that her parents and friends recognise in her. She is also convinced that she is misunderstood: her relationship with herself becomes even more passionate: she becomes intoxicated with her isolation, feels different, superior, exceptional: she promises that the future will take revenge on the mediocrity of her present life. From this narrow and petty existence she escapes by dreams."
Simone de Beauvoir, The Second Sex, Vol II Chapter II: “The Girl” (via innocentlyobscene)

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"When was the last time you thanked you for always being there for you? Self appreciation soothes an aching soul."
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by Korean artist Sung Jin Kim

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In the Street (1948), silent documentary film by Helen Levitt

Brittney Meyer
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