This ad on the subway goes hard as fuck

Miley Cyrus for W Magazine, March 2014. 
Photographed by: Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott 

Friends, huh?

We hope you rest in peace.

Claude Monet (French, 1840-1926). Banks of the Seine, Vétheuil, 1880.
Hi Sarah. Do you know how to contend with wanting to be desired (hard) and also wanting every male passerby who so much as glances at you to drop dead? asked by Anonymous


Not really. But try this: Begin to think of their gazes as a thing you are stealing, not earning. When you steal you never look at the thing you’re stealing. You do not betray a thought. It’s better to be a criminal than a victim—in your mind, at least.



Ukrainian Schoolgirls and Their Dreams of ‘Clueless’ 
My name is Kristina Podobed, I am a photographer from Odessa, Ukraine. My friends and I did a shoot about the Ukrainian school life. We will be very glad if you can use it in any way!
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"As we write this, brave young people all over Ukraine have managed to obtain the abolition of our totalitarian government’s anti-demonstration laws simply by breaking them. With this shoot, we’d like to show that we love ourselves and our past, but that we feel it’s essential to move on." — um, damn.

Peter Krauskopf